Travel Info

No, you are responsible for flights to attend the event. Once you have arrived, we take over and provide your transport to and from Jewel and Bahia.
You need to book your flight to Sangster International Airport, code MBJ, in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

DO NOT book your flight to Kingston; we do not provide shuttle service from there, and it is a much longer distance to the resort.
To enter Jamaica a valid passport is required. Citizens of the U.S, the UK, Canada and other major European countries are not required to have a visa to visit Jamaica, but must present a valid passport when leaving and or re-entering their country. All visitors are required to travel with a return ticket or onward ticket for entry into Jamaica. Other nationalities please contact your local Jamaican embassy, Consulate or Jamaica Tourism office or visit to verify correct documentation needed. We encourage you to PLEASE check your passport ASAP and make sure that it’s up to date and valid for at least 6 months after your arrival date in Jamaica. If your passport is set to expire within 6 months of your arrival date in Jamaica, Jamaican customs will not let you enter the country (check with your airline as well for the current rules in place).

The online version of the Immigration/Customs Declaration(C5) form will now allow air  passengers to input their information in advance of traveling and to submit online through a secure portal.   Please go to the link below for the free jamaica government site.

Do not pay for this service! The link below will take you to the official Government portal, there are other unofficial sites that will come up in a web search and offer the form for a fee, avoid these sites as they are a scam.

Upon arrival in Montego Bay,  go through Immigration, claim your bags and proceed to Customs. Enter the Green line if you are a tourist and have nothing to declare. After you have cleared customs, continue through the doors to the Ground Transportation area with your luggage. 

Yes, Island Gigs provides roundtrip transfers to and from Sangster International Airport (MBJ) in Montego Bay Jamaica as part of your package cost.

Once in the transportation area, proceed to the JTL (Jamaica Tours Limited – Booth #21). JTL will be your Transfer Company and will transport you from the airport to Jewel Paradise Cove or The Bahia Principe. Your bus ride will be approximately 2 hours. 

*Please Note: If you plan to arrive early and are staying somewhere other than Jewel Paradise Cove or Bahia Principe (booked with Island Gigs), you will need to coordinate your own transportation to the resort. The transfers we are able to provide are only from the airport to resort and back at the conclusion of the event. 

If your flight is delayed inbound our transportation company will be aware through the airport communication. Island Gigs will automatically hold your room until your arrival. If your flight is delayed on your return, please check with the JTL booth in the lobby of your respective hotel to update your transportation departure time. If at the airport already, check with your airline.

Upon arrival at Jewel Paradise Cove or the Bahia Principe, you will be escorted to the resort check-in area.  The hotel will check you in at the front desk. If your room is not ready at the time of check in at the hotel, you can store your bags and take full advantage of everything the resort(s) offer. *Please note:   Hotel check in time is between 3-4 PM. If you are arriving in a private vehicle on your day of check-in, prior to the check-in time we can not guarantee access to the resort. Early arrival does not offer you priority check in or placement.

Island Gigs will be in the hotel lobby upon your arrival to welcome you and offer you everything you need for your ultimate music experience. Please note:  If you arrive several days before your event, Island Gigs may not be present until 1 day prior to the start of your event.

See your hotel concierge or butler where applicable in order to make a reservation for the spa or restaurants on site.

Yes. To book side trips speak to an Island Gigs representative and they will direct you to the proper desk.
You will receive a copy of your schedule of events along with your letter emailed to you from Island Gigs prior to departure.  For all schedules and schedule updates you will need to download the Island Gigs app on your phone.

No. The Jewel Paradise Cove Resort will only allow guests from the Bahia on property when the shuttles are running. Shuttles will begin 1 hour before any scheduled activity or musical performance. They will run every 30 minutes in both directions. The final shuttle back to Bahia will be at 2 am after the late-night activities have concluded. When you are on the Jewel Paradise Cove property food and drinks will be available to all guests. However, only Jewel Paradise Cove guests will be able to dine in the specialty restaurants on-site.*

*Please note - Any person attempting to access the property at any time when the shuttles are not running will be turned away at the security gate. At no time are private cars or taxis permitted through the security gate without clearance from Island Gigs.

Access to Bahia Principe is not included in your package. If you wish to visit Bahia Principe you can do so by buying a day pass from the Bahia Principe.*

*Please note -  Any person attempting to access the Bahia that is not a Bahia guest will not be permitted access through the security gate without clearance from the Bahia.

Shuttles will begin 1 hour before each activity/show, running every 30 minutes in both directions,  with the final shuttle back to Bahia running after all the music has concluded at 2am.*

Please note - The shuttle is for Bahia guests only.  Any guest attempting to access the Bahia that is not a Bahia guest will be turned away.

Island Gigs will have a desk set up in the lobby of your hotel from 10am - 6pm every day.*

*Please note - If there is anything urgent outside of Island Gigs lobby hours contact the front desk at your hotel.   They will have the ability to contact Island Gigs for assistance.

For Jewel: To confirm your return transfer time there will be a board posted in the lobby the evening before your departure with your flight number/airline and pick-up time listed. Please check your bus time before 5PM the day prior to your departure. If there is any question, a JTL representative will be available to assist. Please check-out prior to your transfer departure time and be ready for your departure to the airport at least 15 minutes before your pick-up time.*

* Please note- you must check out of the hotel and be listed on the departure list in order to board the bus.

For Bahia: You will check with a representative at the Island Gigs desk or a JTL representative in the transportation area (next to the theater) the day prior to your departure before 5 PM.*

* Please note- you must check out of the hotel and get a check out slip in order to board the bus.

Check-out time is at 11am. Please contact a bell man to pick up your bags outside your door.

You are required to check out with the front desk and receive clearance of incidental costs like spa services and other room charges. You will not be listed to get on the transfer bus if you do not properly check out. Your return transfer will depart from Jewel Paradise Cove for JPC guests and Bahia Principe for Bahia guests. Please check with the JTL or the Island Gigs Tour Desk 24 hours prior.