If I am staying at the Bahia Principe can I visit the Jewel Paradise Cove anytime of day?

No. The Jewel Paradise Cove Resort will only allow guests from the Bahia on property when the shuttles are running. Shuttles will begin 1 hour before any scheduled activity or musical performance. They will run every 30 minutes in both directions. The final shuttle back to Bahia will be at 2 am after the late-night activities have concluded. When you are on the Jewel Paradise Cove property food and drinks will be available to all guests. However, only Jewel Paradise Cove guests will be able to dine in the specialty restaurants on-site.*

*Please note - Any person attempting to access the property at any time when the shuttles are not running will be turned away at the security gate. At no time are private cars or taxis permitted through the security gate without clearance from Island Gigs.